Age Limit To Be Enrolled In Long Day Care Centre

We are living in the age where not only men but women have also become quite professional and contributing equally for their family as men. It is the huge step forward towards the progress. However, one thing which often stops women from entering in to their professional life is their care for children. Most women are bounded by the fact that they have no such place where they can leave their toddlers but they do not have to worry anymore because fortunately now we have been introduced with the concept of long day care centre. Long day care centre takes the full responsibility of taking good care of your child. They know the kind of importance a child hols for his parent’s heart and they make sure that they won’t break the trust of their parents by taking full care of their toddlers. We will be discussing about the age limit which is required to be enrolled in the long day care centre.

Long day care centre:

Long day care centre can be defined as the place which is the combination of nursery home and pre-school. This place provides all of the basic facilities and important moral values to your children while you go for your work. The concept of long day care centre was introduced to ease the pressure or work load of parents who have to go for their respective jobs and they do not want to leave their little baby home alone. These parents can be rest assured after enrolling their child into the long day care centre. They give your child with healthy meal or snack at regular time intervals and take care of their hygiene as well. Moreover, toddlers enjoy their time in long day care centre because there are other children as well to accompany them. In addition to that, basic learning activities are carried out to acknowledge the child about different things.

Age limit to be enrolled in long day care centre:

The age limit to enrol your child in long day care centre varies from six weeks to six years. After the time period of six years, the actual schooling of child is begun so they do not need to be left at long childcare in Camden. Long day care centre makes sure to provide the home like environment to the toddlers. They not only let the toddlers have fun by letting them play with paints and other such items but also teach them informative things by carrying out some productive activities.


Long day care centre is the best place where you can leave your child while you go for your work. They take the responsibility of taking complete care of your child from the age of six weeks to the age of six years. They make sure that your child won’t feel your absence and enjoy his time while he is in the long day care centre. “Blinky preschool” is considered as one of the best long day care centre.